Research Showcase is Online

Get to know DRAMS and Dundee Clinical Academic Track (DCAT), including activities we run throughout the year.

We also host a wide variety of academics and students from various departments of both the university and hospital. They will showcase their work and advertise for research opportunities.

Opportunities in 1 Place
Albeit Virtually

The Dundee Research and Academic Medicine Society (DRAMS) will be hosting our 8th Annual Research Showcase from 2nd Nov 2020 to 6th Nov 2020!

This event will be held virtually and in addition, we have activities planned specially for you, every day. Academics and students will share their research journey with you. Come and find out more about how you can get involved!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Clinicians and researchers from a wide range of specialties will be there.

Your peers may also be present to share their experiences and show their work. This is your chance to get involved in research and speak to students about their experience! Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover a vast range of research opportunities available for you!

We hope you manage to hone and grow your love for research through participation in this event!

Research Showcase 2020

2nd to 6th Nov 2020

Thank you for joining us for our inaugural online edition of Research Showcase 2020.

Video playback is available for completed sessions, scroll down for more information.


Showcase your work and share your experience with others.


Learn different types of research through various specialties.


The perfect opportunity to mingle with like-minded students and clinicians.

Research Showcase is Online

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be streaming Research Showcase 2020 virtually.

Research Showcase presentation videos will be available on the 2nd Nov 2020, with Event of the Day sessions held each day from the 2nd to 6th Nov 2020 at 8:00pm.

Watch Research Showcase 2020 online.
Video playback is available for completed sessions.



Daily Events


Cassandra Baiano

Christian Paulina

Hannah Prill

Ivy Ho

Jeremy Lee

Nelli Suntila

Riya Ghose

Ross Wilson

Sandrine Nitza

Sherie George

Wajeeh Chaudhry

Wan Nee Shue

Zack Slevin


Prof Chim Lang

Dr Fiona Muir

Dr Gillian Smith

Prof James Chalmers

Dr James Noyes

Prof John Dillon

Daily Events

Introduction to DCAT, DRAMS and Vacation Studentships​​

Mon, 2nd Nov 2020

Session has ended, playback available shortly.

How To Get Involved In Research

Tue, 3rd Nov 2020

Session has ended, playback available shortly.

An Evening With Professor Ewan Pearson

Wed, 4th Nov 2020

Session has ended, playback available shortly.

Balancing Medicine and Research

Thu, 5th Nov 2020

Session has ended, playback available shortly.

Research Portfolio: The Whats and The Whys

Fri, 6th Nov 2020

Session has ended, playback available shortly.

Past Research Showcases

30th Sep 2019

Signing Up
for Research Showcase 2020

To sign up for Research Showcase 2020, please fill in your details in the sign up sheet. You will be redirected to a Google Form for this process.