Welcome to Discovering Research! Held annually, this is one of the largest events held by DRAMS.

Medical students from all across the UK come together to compete in this National undergraduate competition.

Ignite Your Passion for Research

Discovering Research helps you explore the field of research through talks from experts as well as oral and poster presentations from students. Take this opportunity to present your research, mingle with like-minded students and network with academics. We hope you manage to hone and grow your love for research through participation in this event!

Medical and dental students are invited to submit their abstracts
in any field of research for oral and poster presentations.

Discovering Research 2023:
DRAMS National Medical and Dental Student Conference

Date and Location to be confirmed


This is the first time we are collaborating with English as well as Scottish universities!


Discover what you can achieve by learning from your peers and academics.


A platform to present your work – both poster or oral presentations.

Poster Presentations

2023 Poster's coming soon!

Past Discovering Research

2021 Poster presentations can be found below:

A meta-ethnographic review of peoples experience of seeking asylum in the UK and its impact on psychological and social wellbeing. 


By  Christine Fullerton

Factors associated with Perineal Discomfort in Female Cyclists. 


By Emily Turnbull. 

HPV-Positivity significantly affects the survivial of Oropharyngeal Squamous cell carcinoma Patients in Tayside.


By Hannah Prill 

Audit of general anaesthesia complexity in strabisumus.


By Wei Yun Teo. 

Using Baseline Parameters to Predict Treatment-Related Toxicity and Survival in Advanced Gastro-Oesophageal Cancer.


By Zoe Dundas. 

13th Feb 2020

A huge congratulations to our winners in the oral and poster presentation competitions at Discovering Research 2020 last Thursday:

Callum Livingstone (Winner – Oral), Olukayode Oki (Runner-up – Oral), Sruthi Ravichandran (Winner – Poster), Natalia Makhdoom (Runner-up – Poster), Christopher Marshall, and Cassandra Baiano (Joint 3rd place – Poster).

Thank you to everyone who has attended our annual flagship national event, we hope everyone has had a great time, with great food with such a diverse crowd. We would like to thank our guest speakers Prof. John Dillon and Prof. Peter Mossey, and Dr Rachel Davies and Dr Anna Maria Choy for helping to make this event a success.

A special shout-out also to Pastest for sponsoring us with a myriad of prizes and our special discount code. Great job to all presenters from both the medical and dental schools, especially our friends from St Andrews, Glasgow, and Aberdeen, you all did amazing!