Dundee Research and Academic Medicine Society

Dundee Research and Academic Medicine Society (DRAMS) is a student-led society within the School of Medicine at University of Dundee.

Our aim is to promote research and academic medicine within the medical school, and to provide medical students with opportunities in research.

DRAMS holds annual research events, including Discovering Research and Research Showcase. These events give medical students and academics the opportunity to present some of their own work and achievements in research. We also organise various workshops, talks and Journal Clubs throughout the year, and publish newsletters to help broaden one's understanding in research.

We are proudly supported by clinicians and staff from Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, as well as DCAT, INSPIRE, The Academy of Medical Sciences and PasTest.

DRAMS Advisor

We are pleased to introduce our DRAMS Advisor, Dr Anna Maria Choy – a senior clinical lecturer and a consultant cardiologist with interests in inherited cardiac conditions and arrhythmias. Dr Choy is the INSPIRE lead for the medical school and is also the co-director of the Dundee Clinical Academic Track.

Dr Choy's research interests are in cardiac arrhythmia – in particular implantable cardiac electronic devices for arrhythmia management, familial arrhythmias, anti arrhythmic drugs and atrial fibrillation, and biomarkers in vascular disease.

Alongside Dr Choy, DRAMS aims to equip students with skills in research and academic medicine within the medical school.

DRAMS Advisor

Dr Anna Maria Choy

Our Committee

DRAMS Committee 23/24

Past Committee Members

DRAMS Committee Members
2016/17 - 2022/23

Cyril – President
Ivan – Vice President
Kyle – Treasurer
Kirtthana – Secretary
Shobana – Digital Infrastructure Lead
Faisal – Public Relations

Colleen – Events lead
John – Events Lead
Allyshar – Events Lead
Gargi – Events Lead

Benjamin Khoo – President
Suad Nimale – Vice President
Arianna Tan – Secretary
Ethan Tang – Treasurer
Wei Wean Ooi – Digital Infrastructure Lead
Kai Yen Lo – Public Affairs Lead 
Laura Macpherson – Academic and Research Lead
Gupreet Kaur Atwal – Academic and Research Lead
Yan Lynn Ng  – Events Lead 
Cyril Kocherry – Events Lead
Ross Wilson – Journal Club Lead

Courtney Moore  – Journal Club Lead

Wan Nee Shue – Committee Advisor

Ivy Ho – Academic & Research Advisor

Wan Nee Shue – President
Aliya Shajani – Vice President
Jennifer Shyamalee – Treasurer
Jeremy Lee
 – Secretary
Ivy Ho – Academic & Research Lead
Benjamin Khoo – Digital Infrastructure Lead
Clement Lee – Events Lead

Suad Nimale – Events Team

Riya Ghose– Journal Club Lead

Cole Roberts – Journal Club Team

Matthew Amer – Journal Watch Lead

Matthew Williams – Journal Watch Team

Zack Selvin – Upper School Rep

Gurpreet Atwal – Lower School Rep

Tor Thanapon – Committee Advisor

Tor Thanapon – President
Navin Subramanian – Vice President
Wan Nee Shue – Secretary
Harry Earnshaw – Treasurer
Wajeeh Chaudhry – Journal Club Team
Keeran Vickneson – Newsletter Editor
Ferenc Gutai – Newsletter Editor
Vanessa Chong – Events Coordinator
Joshua Abishek – Public Relations Rep
Shuvam Sarkar – Upper School Rep
Aliya Shajani – Lower School Rep

Keeran Vickneson – President
Ferenc Gutai – Vice President
Tor Thanapon – Secretary
Nicholas Heng – Treasurer
Owain Thomas – Journal Club Lead
Nelli Suntila – Journal Club Team
Davy He – Creative Design & Website Developer
Axel Laurell – Events Coordinator
Nayab Ali – Events Coordinator
Bin Hui Yap – Events Coordinator

Davy He – President
Pavithran Maniam – Vice President
Nicholas Heng – Secretary
Keeran Vickneson – Journal Club Lead
Amir Fathi – Journal Club Team
Bin Hui Yap – Journal Club Team
Subbra Palaniappan – IT Lead
Theron Ng – 5th Year Rep
Axel Laurell – 4th Year Rep
Kevin Tharumanayagam – 3rd Year Rep
Owain Thomas – 2nd Year Rep

Axel Laurell – President
Theron Ng – Vice President
Pavithran Maniam – Secretary
Nicholas Heng – Treasurer
Davy He – Journal Club Lead
Keeran Vickneson – Journal Club Team
Bin Hui Yap – Journal Club Team
Gowsikan Jeyakumar – IT & Website Lead
Kayleigh Wood – Committee Member
Lucy Littlejohn – Committee Member
Thean Wei Yap – Committee Member

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