Cardiology Journal Club: Guide to Critical Appraisal of Journal Papers

During our Cardiology Journal Club, Dr Jagdeep Singh has kindly given us a quick talk through the steps on critically appraising journal papers, using two papers as comparison. He also spoke about various tips and tricks on how to do it. We hope you find this useful. We certainly did.

Listen to both recordings below as Dr Jagdeep Singh critically analyses two papers presented in our Journal Club. (Click here to listen to the full Journal Club recording, including the student presentations)

We recommend that you read the papers before listening to the recordings.


Paper 1: Ezetimbe Added to Statin Therapy after Acute Coronary Syndromes


Link to original paper:


Critial Appraisal Discussion – Cardiology Journal Club – Ezetimibe by Drams on Mixcloud

Paper 2: Optimal Medical Therapy with or without PCI for Stable Coronary Disease


Link to original paper:


Critical Appraisal Discussion – Cardiology Journal Club – Optimal Medical Therapy, PCI by Drams on Mixcloud

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